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Bambo Premature Premium Baby Diapers
Bambo Premature Premium Baby Diapers

Bambo Premature Premium Baby Diapers

Guaranteed Absorption (minimum): 400 ml
No Scent, No Perfumes & No Oils
Size 0 - Fits 2.2 to 6 lbs
Number of Items: 24 Diapers / Bag
EAN: 5710811431003
Our Price:  $12.25

Bambo Baby Diapers carry the official environmental Nordic Ecolabel, the Swan.

  • Certified free of harsh and dangerous chemicals
  • Certified non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Eco-friendly & transparent manufacturing process

Features on Bambo Baby Diapers

  • Easy-to-adjust hook-and-loop fasteners can be opened and closed as often as necessary, making sure that your child can have an active and safe day.
  • An easy fit due to new flexible sidepanels with stretch ensures increased comfort and freedom to move.
  • Efficient leakage barriers ensure a snug body fit and minimize the risk of leakage.
  • The super absorbent core ensures high absorption capacity and a dry surface. One of the highest absorbers on the market.
  • Bambo is one of the only diapers with a breathable backsheet which ensures that the skin can breathe; keeping the skin drier.
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Size: 0*

Number of Diapers: 24 Diapers / Bag


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